13 Lazy Ways to Lose Belly Fat: Lose 2 Inches in 3 Weeks

Belly Fat is such an annoying issue that everyone wants to get rid of at any cost, isn’t? Personally, I’ve seen a number of people including my friends and colleagues who are hitting the gym like crazy just to cut off a few inches.

Even, many of them started starving to lose belly fat being haunted by their fitness fantasy. However, unlike those fitness freaks, if you are too lazy to go even an extra mile to stay in shape, this post is absolutely for you.

The very first thing you need to do lose that extra pounds from your waistline is- you need to cut off sugar from your diet.

We understand that it’s tough to give up sugar all on a sudden, but it’s not impossible either. If you are enough determined, you can easily avoid sugar intake.

For example, you can simply start with avoiding fruit juice that contains added sugar, added color, and artificial flavor, and more calories than fresh fruits.

Besides, tempting pastries, cakes, cookies, etc. also contain a lot of sugar. Going for less sweetened sweetmeats and then avoiding it completely can be your best bet.

02. Take High Protein Snacks

Snacks are a part of our daily diet, right? It helps to boost metabolism when you take short meals like snacks. But you need to keep in mind that you cannot eat whatever you want, especially when planning to get rid of annoying belly fat.

In such cases, high protein snacks are the best options for lazy fellows like you. Yes, you read it right!

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Protein helps to make you feel full for a long time. Take eggs, nuts, baked fish and chicken breast as protein and you’ll get an amazing result within a month.

03. Ensure Adequate Sleep

If you are planning to lose belly fat without any exercise, sit back and allow us a moment to let you know an amazing thing.

You might be wondering but the fact is- you can even lose your weight by maintaining your sleeping routine properly. Yes, you got it right. Sleeping helps you to reduce stress hormones and soothes your digestive system. 

Sleep for at least 6-7 hours daily to relax your body and mind. Thus, sleeping can contribute to reducing 1-2 inches from your waistline within 3 weeks.

04. Never Skip Breakfast

Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of a day. So, it won’t be wise to skip breakfast. Rather, if you don’t take food for a long time, your body will burn the muscle tissue for getting energy and preserve fat for later. Take a protein breakfast every day to lose belly fat faster.

05. Consume Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a fantastic food to cut fat from your belly. The thick and creamy consistency and the protein boost make it a healthy yet tasty food.

You can add Greek yogurt to your salad, grilled meat, and fish. You also can mix it into your fruit custard as well.

06. Fresh Nuts are a Friend

Fresh roasted nuts are a good source of protein. They are rich in calories but these calories never add extra weight to the body.

Plus, you will fill full for a longer period of time after taking nuts. Fill your snacks with 20-25 peanuts, almonds or cashews.

07. Eat Green Bananas

Green banana contains a high amount of starch and is less sweet. When green banana turns yellow, the starch contained in it transforms into sugars. It also contains dietary fiber so you can eat the green banana without any hesitation.

08. Take Foods, not Drinks

Foods are better than drinks when you are planning to cut off calories. Foods fill your stomach for a longer time than drinks. Yes, different types of teas, coffees, and sodas are tempting but they contain sugar.

Besides, they will not keep your stomach full for a long time and you may be craving for foods shortly after taking liquids. So, go for foods that are low in carb and high in protein to feel full when struggling to lose belly fat.

09. Take Less Coffee

Coffee is definitely a popular and taste soothing drink but taking it multiple times a day eventually harms your body. It prevents sleep and your body remains restless the whole day.

Thus, your stress hormone increases and adds fat to your waistline. Anyway, if you are a die-hard coffee lover, make sure that you don’t take more than 2 cups a day.

10. Go for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Lose weight Without Exercise

Fresh fruits and veggies are your best friends when you are too lazy to workout still want to lose belly fat. They contain a high number of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron etc. and less calorie that is needed to balance your diet.

Add a medium bowl of boiled and seasoned green vegetables or fruits every time you take your meal. It gives you the feeling of fullness and you can expect not to crave for foods for the next 4-5 hours.

11. Intake More Calcium

You might not know but the fact is-calcium helps in losing belly fat. When you are on diet and cutting off calories to keep fit, your body becomes vulnerable.

You can add calcium to balance the nutrients of foods while dieting. Add leafy green vegetables, low-fat milk, yogurt and fortified orange juice to your meat which are high in calcium.

12. Add Wholegrain Foods to Your Diet

Wholegrain foods are the best way to make you feel full as they are low in calorie and high in fiber. Fiber keeps you full and you can take wholegrain foods without paying much heed to the quantity of food.

Brown rice, whole grain oats, buckwheat groats, unhulled barley are some of the popular wholegrain foods. You can add them to your diet and then enjoy your food. It’s a perfect lazy fellow’s hack to lose belly fat.

13. Walk Before Breakfast:

Rising early in the morning and then walking is indeed a great thing to start your day. And, it helps to boost metabolism while providing you with some exercise benefits as well. Thus, you start burning belly fat throughout the day. We call it a healthy morning routine to reduce belly fat.

After walking, take two glasses of fresh water and then go for whole grain foods as breakfast. This particular habit will help you regain energy and you can expect to see the results within 2-3 weeks.


Along with these easiest ways to lose belly fat, make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drink plenty of fresh water instead of your favorite canned drinks and beverages.

Besides, make sure to track your calorie intake and stay motivated until you achieve the result you are expecting. Hope you found these tips useful and enjoyed reading!



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Dorothea Turner - February 4, 2019

Thanks for the tips, I will use them.

PoorBair Honeyville - February 20, 2019

This is really good advice! I’m doing most of these things already and I feel great.

Karen - May 4, 2019

This was an awakening moment for me. Reminds me of those bad habits that I have made a practice. Like not having breakfast. Now I know that I have to make an effort to develop some of these best practices to maintain healthy habits.


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